Blicheni® is a live Bacillus licheniformis 63516 preparation which balances the intestinal flora on the host. Blicheni® has been used for over 25 years in China to support gastrointestinal health.


Bacillus licheniformis 63516, BL63516 for shortly, is a gram-positive, facultative anaerobe. The optimal growth and enzyme secretion temperature of BL63516 is around 37 , So, it can effect in the intestinal tract to its maximum extent.

BL63516 stored in the form of spore that are dormant bodies of bacteria nutrients.  The spores can resist harsh environment, and be effective in utilizing carbohydrates and oxygen under conditions of varying oxygen tensions.

BL63516 excretes different kinds of digestive enzyme with a large number. It is good for digestion, and has the effect to help improve malnourished in kids.

BL63516 is a primary antibacterial substance producer which can inhibit pathogenic bacterium.

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